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Problem printing online

When I try to print anything online it won't print the page I want, but it seems to connect to a file and starts printing numerous pages in a very small print which have nothing to do with what I'm trying to print.  I have a Dell inspiron 1525 connected to a Brother multi-function printer.  Brother hasn't been able to help.  Hope somebody here can help.

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Re: Problem printing online

This sounds like a driver corruption or a poor printer driver.  Typical printer troubleshooting applies, make sure that the printer is set up as the default printer, go to control panel, devices and printers and look for the model of printer. Right click it and make it default.

While you are there go ahead and clear out any jobs in the print queue. Right click the printer icon, then click "see what’s printing" and delete any of the mentioned print jobs.

Print a test page. Right click the icon for the printer, choose properties, click on the general tab, and click "print test page” If that works but you still have the problems printing other documents.

I would ask what it is that you are trying to print.  If you are trying to print directly from the web I suggest high lighting the document that you wish to print, right clicking it and choosing copy.  Then copy it to your word processor. Then print it from the word processor then from the internet. You can either continue doing that as a work around or wait and see if new drivers are available for the printer.

One thing about printer drivers is that they should be fully removed from the system before installing new drivers. Even if you are just reinstalling the drivers, fully disconnect the printer from the notebook. Go to control panel, programs and features and uninstall all the printer software listed.  Download the latest drivers from Brother's website.  When installing the drivers, pay close attention to when the manufacturer suggests connecting the printer.  Connecting the printer to the notebook at the wrong time can make a huge difference, and if done incorrectly could make you have to start everything over again.

I hope that this will be of some help.


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Re: Problem printing online



Try reading...


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