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Problem while making VOIP call


I have got Dell Studio Laptop purchased in January, 2009 from India.

Currenrly I am travelling in other country outside India.  I used to make call from Gtalk as well as some other VOIP softwares till last couple of weeks.

Since last coulpe of weeks, when I am trying to make a call, other party is able to hear me for 5-6 seconds but after that they are not able to hear me. After 5-6 second, I m able to hear other party but they stop hearing me. This probem happens with both gtalk as well as other VOIP softwares.

Initially I thought there could be some problem with my Internet speed (i.e. may be upload data speed is low) but when I tested Internet speed on my machine, it was almost same as other friends who are sharing the same network.

There is no problem with my headphone configuration as other party is able to hear me for 5-6 seconds but stops listening after that. I tried my heaphone on other machines and its working fine. I also tried friend's headphone in my machine (which are working fine on their machine) but they are not working properly in my machine.

I am in serious troble. Please please somebody help me.

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