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Problem with Dell Inspiron 1545's multimedia notifications in Windows 7.

Hey there,

I'm not really sure about posting this problem in the laptop video forum, but I'm just gonna go ahead with it anyways. My inspiron 1545 had windows Vista home basic installed on it that came factory installed. It had a very useful feature that I did appreciate very much indeed. Whenever I pressed the volume up/down keys, contrast up/down keys, the media player play/pause/next buttons, etc., I used to get a notification or display on the screen. It's a transperant blue box which used to show the current status of volume or contrast. When I tapped the radio buttons, it would show whether the Wifi/bluetooth was on/off. Kinda like the volume notification on your TV when you use your remote.

However, Since the time I've installed Windows 7 as a second operating system to my vista, I noticed that even though the keys do work for the functions assigned, there are no notifications or displays of them as I used to get earlier in vista. These keys are assigned on all the function keys - just to let you know. I need this so badly because, I need to start using my integrated bluetooth module with windows 7 as well. Since the notifications don't show whether the bluetooth hardware has been switched on or not, I'm unable to configure the software for bluetooth and hence unable to use it. I'm feel handicapped without it!!

Hope someone can help me out ASAP.


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Re: Problem with Dell Inspiron 1545's multimedia notifications in Windows 7.

Took me forever to figure this out so hopefully this will help.

Download Dell's quickset program. That's it!

64-bit OS here 

32-bit OS here 

Worked perfectly for me. I read somewhere that you may have to adjust the settings in the program if it's on your task bar.

Hope that helps!

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