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Problem with keyboard - Inspiron 15 7000 Series

So I recently bought this new laptop(windows 10) and I discovered something wrong.

It's a qwerty keyboard, and the letters work fine.However, the buttons in the top row are reversed; meaning that when both shift and caps lock are OFF, these buttons show numbers, not symbols.

When I enable caps lock, I get capitalised letters and the numbers stay the same.

And when I press shift, I get capitalised letters and the symbols instead of the numbers.

So essentially, if I want it to be normal(lowercase letters + the top row giving symbols) I need to enable both caps lock and shift.I tried it using the touch keyboard.

I tried every language I can find that has QWERTY and although some of the symbols change, I always get numbers when shift and caps lock are off.However, any azerty keyboard works fine..

I have been googling for days and looking at dozens of forum threads but NONE of them matched what I was looking for...

I don't know if this is supposed to happen, nor do I care about it.

I just need help in making it stop.

Thanks !

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