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Problem with network adapter

I have an ongoing problem with a 3521 laptop wifi connection which sometimes takes 30 minutes to make connection with my home wifi. I mistakenly lost one of the 2 Network Adapters by deleting the driver in device manager in an attempt to fix the problem and am left only with the Realtek one.

Could anyone let me know how to retrieve the adapter (the Dell one). I have tried downloading the latest driver with no luck. I need to know how to find the adapter (am assuming it is hardware) and get it working again.

I have tried the online diagnosis at the official Dell site and it does not even pick up the problem.

Many Thanks

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RE: Problem with network adapter

Hi Tradedog,


Thank you for reaching out to us here, sounds like you have uninstalled the wireless drivers from your system. We request you to share the service tag of your computer on a private message by clicking on my username and select start conversation and send me the details. So that we could check and help you download the correct drivers for your system.

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