Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530

Alright well my laptop is a XPS M1530 Project Red Dell Laptop, I bought back in 2008 over four nearly five years ago. It's still a great laptop. It's still pretty fast I love it. It's operating system is Window's Vista while most people seem to hate Vista I love it. Which is weird most people think but I have grown to love it I guess. But down to the problem. Over a year or two before in March 2011 I noticed that my battery could not even hold a hour of power. It recognizes the power cord because it will power up. It just does not hold any juices. Once I unplug it, it will say Charged 100% You have 6hrs or more. But it only takes 30minutes and my laptop will power off. 

So since March 2011, I can never not have my laptop plugged in which is a real problem. I cannot go anywhere without the plug.

So I just want to know. Is the battery just dead? Can I buy a new battery? Or do I have to buy a new laptop? When I buy a new battery does it have to be only for this laptop? 

How do I figure out what kind of battery I have in this laptop? 

Cause I customized this laptop five years ago online and shipped it to me. I cannot remember if I had a 6hr cell battery or 9hr cell battery put in it. o.o

Also is it easy to put in a new battery? 

What is the longest running battery I can get for the XPS M1530? (Time wise hour wise?)


Unrelated is it better to buy an external hard drive or an internal hard drive of 750GB-1TB of space? 

Because at the time of buying this laptop the only space requirements was 140GB's and I now need more space.

Instead of buying a new 600$ laptop, spend 110$'s on hard drive external or internal. 

Um I would really appreciate the help from anyone! Thank you guys so much! 

Good day! Byes! 

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Re: Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530

Hi Spookei Jellyfish,

Thank for providing all the system information. These systems were shipped with both 6 cell and 9 cell batteries. You should check which one you chose while purchasing. To know the order details of your computer, you may click on the link below and enter the service tag and click Submit. Next navigate to System Configuration tab and then on Components


Click on the link below to run diagnostics on the battery:


Under ‘Choose a Diagnostic Type’ select ‘Component’, from the  listed components under ‘Make a Selection’  select ‘Battery’ and then click on ‘Run Diagnostics’. Follow on screen instruction to run the test and check for any error message.

I also recommend you to flash BIOS to the latest version from the link below:


While flashing BIOS connect the Ac adapter and make sure the battery has minimum 15% charge as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the desktop.

In case the issue persists, you may consider replacing the battery. I suggest you to replace it with a Dell battery which is compatible to this model of the laptop.  The battery is an easily replaceable unit. Click on the link below for the manual:


With regards to the hard drive, if the present hard drive is working fine, you may consider purchasing an external hard drive to store data. For some reason, if the system goes bad or internal hard drive crashes, the data will not be lost.

Also go through this link for battery issues:


Please revert for further assistance.

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Sujatha K
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Re: Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530

The battery is most likely dead. You can easily determine what battery you have. The 6-cell fits nicely in the M1530, aut the 9-cell is so bog that it sticks out some toward the bottom and has an arm on the left side to support the left side. I purchased a 6-cell for mine from Amazon for $20, and it works just fine. It's easy to take out and replace; look in your owner's manual.

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Re: Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530

Dell-Sujatha K:

You are welcome, I hear you must give the system information. Where to get the service tag? Would that be on the bottom of the Laptop, and from what the user on the bottom of you says, my battery does stick out of my laptop so it must be a 9cell. I can take a picture and show it. It makes my laptop stand at an angle. So I do think it is 9cell battery.

So while I run all these test, should I do them and have nothing else running?

While running Diagnostics should I have the Ac adaptder plugged in? Or unplugged?

Okay I will do the BIOS and such. Check and make sure to see exactly what is wrong to see if the battery is truly dead or not or if it is something else.

I think I am still going to buy an extra battery or two though. Cause looking on Amazon a 9Cell battery is only 30$'s-50$'s so not so bad. On the actual Dell website their so expensive. When actual Dell batteries are more cheap on other websites.

Thanks so much for all the help on the Battery issues. And thanks for more help if you can answer the new questions up there. -chuckles- Sorry I have never heard of this stuff. If we ever had issues we just get a new laptop or a new battery. xD

Alright onto the hard drive. Well my internal hard drive is just fine works great has not ever crashed ever. I am just running low I really am. I checked I only have 136GB, out of that I only have 18.2 GB free. I would just like some more space, because I like to take pictures and film animals and nature. So it takes alot of GB memory.

So you say Extrernal is better? If I ever get a new laptop of a greater hard drive I could have that external hard drive plus the new laptop. That is really cool to think about.

But is is hard to install the External Hard Drive, and how do you keep files on the External Hard Drive? Is it a pretty easy process?

Oh I have one more question. If I bought a new Dell 90 Wat Ac Adapter it would go along with the laptop right?

Please and thank you.

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Re: Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530


I imagine so but I will try the first users tests just in case.

And yeah I have the 9cell then. Because mine sticks out and has my laptop at an angle lol.

Oh man I will have to find my owners manual. >.> Wish me luck.

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Re: Problems Charging a Battery in a XPS M1530

Hi Spookei Jellyfish.

It is very easy to manage the files on the external hard drive. It is same as you store and manage files on your computer hard drive.

Dell 90 W Ac adapter is compatible with this system.

Please find the link below for XPS M1530 service manual.


Please revert for further queries.

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Sujatha K
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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