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Problems installing a new disk in a Mini 9

I recently had to replace the disk drive in my Mini 9.  Then of course I had to reload Windows XP, and all of the applications.  All of the programs seem to work OK, I can get on line, receive email, etc.  However there seem to be three minor problems I have been unable to fix:

1.  When you go to sing off the choice "Stand By" is grayed out, and unavailable.

2. The touch pad is very sensitive, and there doesn't seem to be any prog to adjust it.

3.  I am almost 100% certain that before the new disk was installed, after the computer started up, there would be an adjustment to the number of pixels in the horizontal direction. Without that adjustment the display seems just a bit off.

Am I missing some drivers?  If so which ones?  Any help will be appreciated.

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