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Problems started after installing Win10


I recently installed Win10 on my inspiron 15-5548. Ever since the upgrade I experience many "weird" problems:

Every now and then a black cmd-like window opens for a second and then disappears. At the top of the window there's a folder name which contains the words Dell Support.

The keyboard's buttons for controlling the screen brightness stopped working (though I am able to use them for normal F11 and F12 functions).

Whenever I change the volume there's a bar on the screen. The problem is that since the Win10 installation the bar remains on the same level, regardless of the real volume setting.

In addition, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the installation of Win10, but sometimes the WiFi stops working until I right-click the WiFi Settings button and press Trubleshoot. It usually happens after frequent wireless network changes.



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