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Problems with my 1501 inspiron

Im not to sure if this is vista or my system.

Anyway heres some specifics of my laptop

1501 Inspiron

AMD sempron 1.8ghz

1g ram

256mb video card

Vista Home Basic


As soon as i opened my long awaited dream of a Dell laptop! I have had problems with it. I first beleived that it was vista since it was new and all, but since sp1 came out it hasn't helped my problems abit.


-Clicky noise in hard drive.

-Lag? When playing music!?!? atleast once a song it would skip in Windows Media Player

-freezing when using microsoft works word....?

-Laging in many other programs such as Flash 8 and games

-When i sign in to my computer. The screen blinks white black. Colorful lines and stuff.

-It freezes when i try to open dell support center...

-Screen randomly goes white at times.

-Screen savers lag

-SMALL games have strange colors and lines. Defective video card?


I DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR ANOTHER LAPTOP! Im 17 years old with ADHD. Impossible to read my writing thats why i "NEED" a laptop but since this laptop won't even do its job im so angry. My marks are dropping because when im in the middle of doing a note it freezes and doesn't save.*Before i had a Gateway which i sold to buy this crud* Im so angry because a NEW LAPTOP DELL couldn't do its job for more than 1 semester!


Theres my rant if someone could help me fixing these that would be great...


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Re: Problems with my 1501 inspiron

Upgrade it to 2 GB Ram and you should be happy. I have a 1501 and it runs fine with 2GB. You need to remember the 1501 shares memory with the video so you are actually only getting 1 GB minus the 128 MB for the video.



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Re: Problems with my 1501 inspiron

Alright thanks.


Also whats the maximum memory for Inspiron 1501. I seen that theres 2 gig sticks & the inspiron has 2 slots? So is it 4gigs?

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Re: Problems with my 1501 inspiron

I would imagine it would take 4gb of RAM. 2 gig is all you should need because having 4gb is pointless at the moment, a 32 bit operation system will not use it all (My desktop uses just over 3 of my 4gb).


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