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Problems with twin 2407WFP-HC monitors and M6400 laptop

I have experienced a corrupt signal on one of my monitors in dualview mode. The monitors worked fine at 1920X1200 res. with a former Dell desktop. But after connecting them to my M6400 through a docking station, the image on monitor 1 is scrambled with a lot of red pixels (~50% of the screen) which flicker and form horizontal red lines. The problem goes away if I select a much lower resolution (1280x1024) and increase the refresh rate to 75Hz. But the 75Hz refresh rate is unavailable at the higher resolution.

DELL-Chris M suggested the laptop-to-docking station connection might be the issue, but the system board and graphics card have both been replaced (on a  brand new Dell laptop) and I learned of another user in my building with the same setup experiencing the same problems.

Any thoughts?

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