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Proper Disposal of Legacy Dell Laptops

Good Morning,


I have two legacy laptops, first one from 2000, and second one from 2003:


Dell Inspiron 5000e
Intel Pentium III processor
597 MHz
128 MB of RAM

Dell Latitude X200
Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) III
CPU – M 800 MHz
797 MHz, 376 MB of RAM


For each system please explain

1. How to locate the hard-drive

2. How to remove the hard-drive

3. Best way to destroy the hard-drive (i.e. with a hammer)

4. How to dispose the remaining laptop


Last month I purchased:

Dell Inspiron 1545 (Ubuntu 9.04)
Intel Core 2 DUO T6600
2.2GHz, 800Mhz, 2M L2 Cache
4GB, DDR2, 800MHz 2 Dimm


Next week, I am hoping to purchase Mini 10v with Ubuntu Moblin to take to work, running errands, etc.


Thank you in advance

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Re: Proper Disposal of Legacy Dell Laptops

Both of those are potentially useable by someone - consider wiping them clean (see below) and donating them to a local charity if they're in working condition.  If they're not,

The 5000e:

The X200:


to wipe a hard drive clean use

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Re: Proper Disposal of Legacy Dell Laptops

Thanks for the references, I'll try it out this weekend

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Mary G
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Re: Proper Disposal of Legacy Dell Laptops

For computer recycling for those that are no longer usable, go Here.

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