Question about out of warranty repair

My cousins Dell laptop broke so he called Dell UK who told him the repair cost was a fixed cost of £160+ and came with 3 months warranty.  When he got the laptop back it only worked for a week before giving 7 beeps. 

Dell have now told him that repairs don't come with any warrant at all!

He originally spilt liquid on it and they now are saying that it could cause ongoing problems. And that could easily have problems again.  None of this was explained to him when he originally queried a repair. 

The cs person he spoke to also told him "the repair was a big job and we only charged you £169 to fix it". Like it's his fault they have a fixed charge and so sometimes the repair cost is greater than they charge.  I'm sure they have no problem when a repair costs them less!

So does an out of warranty repair come with 3 months warranty or not? If it doesn't then ge was initially lied to :/

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