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Questions regarding RAM on my Inspiron 7750

Hi Everyone..

I have a DELL Inspiron 7750 with 6GB RAM.. ( that's 4GB + 2GB sticks.)

I use Chrome for my browser and usually have many tabs open 30+. I find that it is very slow when switching from one tab to the another.

Question 1: Would more RAM improve the page load time when changing tabs.?

Question 2: How much RAM does the 7750 ACTUALLY support.? Officially 8GB but posters here report up to 16GB.? What is correct.?

Question 3: If I bought a matching pair of RAM sticks.. 4GB + 4GB - or - 8GB + 8GB can I run Dual Channel.? How.? Is there a setting in the BIOS to enable dual channel.?

Question 4: Do you have a recommendation for type of RAM. Expensive (Corsair) or cheap (Kingston).? Would i see a difference.?

Thanks for your help



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Re: Questions regarding RAM on my Inspiron 7750


Thank you for posting in our Community!

Please provide me with your service tag to confirm system model via private message (click my username and then click Start Conversation).

Glad to assist.

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