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RAM upgrade DELL 5537

i recently buy DELL 5537 with 4gb ram

i want to upgrade it to 8gb or more

just want to know Compatible rams with this model


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RE: RAM upgrade DELL 5537

You will need to check with the manufacturer of the RAM - the system needs DDR3L memory (low voltage).  The newer Haswell CPUs won't work with DDR-3 (no -L).

Kingston sells Dell compatible RAM (parts beginning with KTD).  So do other such as Crucial:


Since you likely now have 2X2G, you will need to replace both modules with 2X4.

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RE: RAM upgrade DELL 5537

I would like to upgrade my laptop with 2x 8GB ram

SO-DIMM PC3L-12800S DDR3 8GB CL11 LOW Voltage

will it be compatible with dell 15r 5537 ?

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