RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010


I'm planning to upgrade my Dell Inspiron N5010 RAM from current 3GB(2+1) to 6 GB(2+4).

I heard that some Dell Inspiron Laptops require same RAM to be present in both slots so that the O.S can detect the installed RAM, else only one slot will be detected( ex: 4GB RAM (Usable 3GB)).

So, can I go ahead with having a 2GB RAM in one slot and 4GB RAM in another?

So, can you suggest me any best brand(verified by Dell) to purchase the RAM and also the recommended frequency it should be supporting?

Many thanks in advance!!!

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

Hi venkat_bollineni,

This system model supports a maximum of 8GB memory. Memory modules must be installed as a perfectly matched pair to take advantage of the dual-channel memory bus. If not a matched pair, the system's memory bus operates in a single-channel configuration. Basically, when both DIMM connectors are populated, the system has optimum dual-channel performance unless channels A and B have different amounts of memory.

Revert for further queries.

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

Hi Sujatha,

Thanks you very much for quickly replying on my query.

Can you kindly throw some more light on this.

Do you mean, I should go for two same RAMs for both A and B slots?

As per the table, If I go for 4GB RAM in slot A and 2GB RAM in Slot B, I will get 6GB RAM (detectable and usable by O.S?). Else, I'll go for two 4GB RAMs for slot A and Slot B.

Also, can you kindly suggest me on the RAM maker as well, pls. After much Googling, I came to know that Kingston tends to work better than its counterparts.

1. Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 4 GB(64 x 512 MB) Laptop RAM (KVR1333D3S9/ KVR13S9S8/4) -

  • 9-9-9 CAS Latency

(not specifically made for Dell, but one N5010 user specified that it worked for him along with his existing 2GB RAM)

2. Kingston DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) Dell Laptop RAM (KTD-L3C/4GFR) -

  • 9-8-7-6 CAS Latency

(made specifically for Dell)

Can you suggest me on which would give me much performance out of two.

Many thanks in advance!!!

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

hello friend. I too have dell inspiron N5010 . When i tried to install 4 gb ram replacing 1 gb ram of actual 2+1  gb ram, my windows failed to load. It keeps on restarting. My system works fine with older ram. The ram I bought is of Kingston dell specified with flipkart :

Is this ram compatible with my device.
pls respond early so that I can make an informed decision.
when I run diagnostics test my system freezes and beeps when memory test (RAM) begins.
is this Ram faulty.??

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

Check the specs on the old RAM - is it 1.5V?  The new RAM is 1.35V, which should not be mixed with 1.5V RAM on the same board.

The N5010 may require 1.5V RAM - most newer systems will take either 1.5 or 1.35 (except many of the new Haswell systems, which require the 1.35V memory).

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010


I have dell inspiron N5010. Please let me know KINGSTON RAM compatible with my laptop.

Also is the below RAM sold on Flipkart is compatible with my laptop.


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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

You can purchase corsair Ram than see Result of it

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

Hi babu.bhaia101,

Yes the memory in the link is compatible with your system. The Dell Inspiron N5010 system has 2 SODIMM slots. The system accepts a memory capacity ranging from 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. The memory type accepted is DDR3 1333 MHz SODIMM only. The computer supports a maximum of 8GB of memory when installed with two 4GB DIMMs.

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RE: RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

hi i have problem with a new ram.

the ram is kingston kvr13s9s8/4  ddr3  4gb  1333MHz

When i put in the slot the bios recognize the ram but when the windows start the laptop boot up again and again

the o.s is win 7 64bit