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RE: E7450 streaming video issues

I'm using the 7450's also and that have win7 enterprise 64bit. I have a user that had this choppy video issues and we re-imaged it, switched machines and even gave the user another brand new one. This issue has followed him from his 6410 to a new 7450 to another 7450. He was mostly having isssues when doing a presentation. The last new one we gave him has worked a couple months and now it's back to the same thing. It's starting to become very frustrating but since it's following him from machine to machine we are now thinking it must be something he is doing or using but can't figure out yet?

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RE: E7450 streaming video issues

You may well have already tried most of these steps and if so please forgive me. I would check to see what software is being used during the presentations.  The resolution used on the presentations.  Are the same projectors being used all of the time or is he running presentations in different locations with different equipment?

Check the systems software build, what applications if any are being added by the user. Try msconfig and clean boot troubleshooting as I mentioned above.  Kill everything in the start up group and then bring up a presentation and see if it makes a difference.

Check if there have been any Windows or other software updates installed before the video playback performance decreased.  Check to see if the user installed any graphics drivers just prior to when the problems started occurring, if so a driver rollback may be required.


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