RESEATING CMOS Battery Inspiron 15 5547

Hello.I want to talk about the bios in Dell inspiron 15 5547.I recently tried to make my bios settings default by reseating the CMOS battery.So when I try to turn on my laptop it beeps 5 times continuously until I physically remove the battery(CELL battery,not the CMOS).Even the power button doesnt work,like while beeping if I try to turn off I cant do that by the power button.It forces me to remove the battery underneath.But when I again put the battery for the second time after reseating the CMOS and try to turn on laptop,it turns on like everything is fine,no beeps at all and after pressing f2 i see the clock is running from zero.Does that mean bios is reset and in default settings?
How do I know my bios was reset?

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RE: RESEATING CMOS Battery Inspiron 15 5547

As you probably already know, five peeps means Real Time Clock (RTC) power fail or CMOS battery failure. Please type msinfo32 onto the search box and check the BIOS version on the system. If BIOS version A12 is on the system then I suggest you check out the information in the link below:

Dell Inspiron 5000 series laptop may not power on ...


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