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Random Black Screen with Mouse E5540 and XPS-13

So we have several Dell laptops that will go to a black screen with mouse pointer, the only keyboard short cut that works is windowskey+p (I know a lot of keyboard short cuts... I tried them all) selecting a different display does nothing, connecting to an external monitor does nothing. The only way to get the computer back into a usable state is to hard reboot. This issue happens sometimes after the machine goes into hibernation or sleep, and other times it will happen while the user is actively typing a word document. I have tried driver updates, windows updates, hardware replacement, sleep/hibernation settings, power plan changes, and bios sleep level changes. Nothing has worked. This has happened on at least 2 different models of dell laptop, one is the E5540 and the other the new XPS-13. The only thing that they have in common is DDPE, windows 8.1 and an SSD, DDPE is the enterprise version with a local server.

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