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Recently loud fan, high temperature, Low cpu usage


I have a Inspiron 2350, I know that its an All-in-One but I feel this forum is the best to post it in as it uses laptop hardware. 

Over the last month my PC has been running at about 70C at idle - idle being that the cpu doesn't rise above 5% usage and no programs are open - when playing graphics intense games or high workload it doesn't overheat however and sits at about 95 as it has always done, but never cools below 70C this.

I can always hear the fan working hard and it almost never made a sound before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



- i7-4700MQ

- Radeon HD 8690A

- 12GB Ram

- 1Tb 5400rpm HDD with 30GB SSD as cache

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