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Recovering the Recovery Volume: New Inspiron 15R 5521


As in my previous post:


Maybe my recovery volume has been corrupted?


Could I buy any kit or cd for recovering this volume or the entire drive?


I'm almost new to UEFI/GPT and the drive is splitted into 6 partitions.

I'm just only sure the "OS" partition is the Windows 8-installed one and even not sure

what and which more are need for bootup and activation of Windows 8 on UEFI

(or all needed is in the OS volume?).


One more question...

Is it technically possible to delete ALL the partitions and create a new MBR one (the harddrive is 1 TB small enough)

to install and activate Windows 8 using a presalvaged product key (meaning if the key will work or not without the factory default

preserved partitions rather than MBR or like)?


Thanks in advance.

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