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Reinstallation of Windows XP


I have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop and have recently formatted the hard drive.

When I try and install Windows XP i keep getting the "blue death screen" when trying to install.

I also can't seem to find where to change the bios settings (there seems to be a couple of options missing when I select f12 when booting)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Reinstallation of Windows XP

check the error code and post it back,if you are able to do that of course...what exactly do you see when pressing f12? press f2 to run bios.maybe more info how it happened?

I will put my fingers on your laptop to make you happy:> Dell Studio 1737, E8435 put together by myslef...love it...esteepc

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Re: Reinstallation of Windows XP

F2 for BIOS

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Re: Reinstallation of Windows XP

What does the BSOD say?

Dr Philip Yip
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