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Reinstalling MediaDirect 3.5 with Vista 32-bit

The hard drive in my daughter's Inspiron 1520 failed, and I'm rebuilding the system (fortunately, I have backups!!). I started out by installing Vista, installed the drivers from the Dell CD, applied what seemed to be endless updates from Microsoft (involving hours of time), and then turned to MediaDirect. Unfortunately, it appears that I got the sequence wrong. As I read the limited documentation from Dell and some of the threads on the forums it seems that MediaDirect has to be installed before doing anything else.. As I've already got hours into this project, I really, REALLY don't want to start over again, not to mention that my daughter would probably lynch me.

I gather that MediaDirect wants a separate partition, and the brief pamphlet that Dell provided talks about possibly creating one with a third-party tool. Without knowing more, however, I'm very leery about proceeding. I don't even know what size to make it, or how to format it (although I presume it is NTFS). Space is not an issue - I have 320 GB drive rather than the 80 GB that came with the system. Any suggestions that anyone can provide on this will be greatly appreciated. If I have to go back to scratch I will, but that will absolutely have to be a last resort.


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Re: Reinstalling MediaDirect 3.5 with Vista 32-bit

;^) There is a useful tool called a GpartEd Live CD.  It''s free.  If you boot your PC from it, you can then resize and move your existing hard drive partitions without harming the data on them.  In your place, I'd use that to move your C:\ partition to an external USB hard drive, then reformat the internal hard drive and install the MediaDirect stuff, partitioning the hard drive as it wishes, then use the GpartEd Live CD to copy your current boot partition back from the external drive.

:^/ Mind you, I haven't used the Media Direct partitioning software myself, so I cannot guarantee that it'll work as I suggest here, but it's worth a shot.