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Repeating episodes of permanent battery failure

I have a Dell Inspiron 13-7368 which fell off a chair a few weeks ago. When I opened it again, it was refusing to charge and displaying a flashing orange light that indicated permanent battery failure. However, when I ran diagnostics and rebooted, the flashing light disappeared and it charged just fine. Diagnostics showed that there wasn't a problem with either the battery or the charger.

A week later, I saw the flashing light and got the permanent battery failure notice again. I ran diagnostics and rebooted again, and the problem seemed to fix itself. Diagnostics again indicated no issues.

Is this going to be a periodic occurrence? My battery has fortunately been close to full every time this has happened, but I'm worried that this will occur when I don't have enough juice and it will refuse to charge again. Any insights or suggestions?

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RE: Repeating episodes of permanent battery failure

If you haven't checked the connection between the battery and mainboard, that would be the next thing to do.

If it's tight and the problem re-occurs, it's either a damaged battery or mainboard as the result of the fall -- I'd lean toward it being a damaged mainboard, but the battery is cheaper to replace first (about $120 vs. $300+ to replace a mainboard).  Since this is accidental damage, the warranty won't cover it.

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