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Replacement Latitude D830 wifi cards?

I notice my Latitude D830 has Intel Wireless 3945ABG card but it will not connect to my Netgear router but I know it works since I took it to the library and it works on their cisco wifi so the card does work. I am wondering is this a dell/intel problem that in which the hardware is incompatible with each other? I know I used a B130 with dell wifi card and that connected to my Netgear so I know the router is working. Since then I have found three various wifi cards from dell that I could order but two of them are the same with different part numbers and one seems to have a extra wire connections for 5G that I don't think my D830 has a wire connection for so it would be a waste of money to purchase it since I won't be using all three connections. Here are the products below

cost: 45.99

Manufacturer Part# : NM059
Dell Part# : 430-2741

cost: 39.99

Manufacturer Part# : FU157
Dell Part# : 430-2742

Both are the same card type wireless 1395 but one says 802.11 and the other doesn't say that but looking at the specs they match perfectly besides the part number difference there isn't any real difference between the two wireless unit or am I missing something? Next is the: 2.4/5G wireless unit 2.4/5 GHz 4965 WLAN PCI Express Mini-Card for Select Dell Latitude /XPS Laptops / Precision Mobile WorkSations

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> cost: 75.99

From the looks of it has three connections of which my dell only has two wire connections how they would say it works is very doubtful and I think it is for another type of latitude but their compatibility says it works for the D830??

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