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Replacement "feet" for XPS 13 laptop

One of the two "feet" on my 15 month old XPS13 laptop came loose and after two attempts to cut and save the rest, I had to pull the entire foot off.  Now the rough edge is a problem.  How do I obtain a reasonably priced replacement to glue into place?  I own two of these laptops and I'm concerned that I'll end up replacing all of them, so do you have a better adhesive to use than was first used during manufacture?

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Your best bet is to contact Dell support. There is a chance they may offer it for free as a one time deal, but if not I imagine it will be a relatively low cost part to obtain from them.


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This is the ridiculous response from the Dell Support team:

"I understand that the two rubber feet of the system came off.

In this situation, I request you to please contact the repairs team who will be able to resolve the issue as the it will not be sold separately. If the rubber free needs to be replaced it is the whole bottom base cover that needs to be replaced.

The number to contact the repairs team is 1800-288-4410.


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