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Resetting HDD drive to factory default without a GUI to see what I'm doing.

Hey, the graphics on my Dell Laptop is no longer working properly, about a mouse pointers length of screen on the top displays the graphics properly, but the rest of the screen displays a hash of graphics instead of the GUI.  I was able to log into the windows, but after attempting to back up my /user files, the laptop no longer gets to the login screen.

I took the HDD out of the laptop, and attached it to my old computer after this happened, and copied my files onto that computer.

Now that my files are backed up, I want to wipe my hard drive, or reset it to factory default before sending my laptop in to Wal-Mart using my 2 year warranty I purchased from them.  I do not want to send in the laptop with the personal information on it, as I wouldn't know who would have access to my personal information if I did so.

Is there a way to wipe the drive without having the GUI to see by?


My laptop is an Inspiron 15 Intel N5050 (I can provide my service tag if needs be.)

My Dell warranty expired 5/29/13, so it is no longer covered under this warranty, but I purchased the laptop from Wal-Mart with the 2 year extended warranty with ADH protection.

At this point I do not care about what is on the hardrive as I've backed up all the important information from my HDD, and just want all of my personal information wiped from it now.

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Re: Resetting HDD drive to factory default without a GUI to see what I'm doing.

Hi Jinotad,

You may perform factory reset on the system. Please refer to the link http://dell.to/15uTJ0N for steps. If this process does not work, you may connect the hard drive to another system and format it. Once you connect the hard drive to another system and it is detected, follow the steps from the link to format it http://bit.ly/z7MpGR.

Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards
Saharsh K
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