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Resolution Issues & BSODs Shortly After Re-Connecting Laptop to External Displays


I am looking for help, as I have been having some resolution issues with my extended monitors for quite some time.  There are a large number of problems that range from BSODing shortly after re-connecting my docked monitors on a regular basis to having constant annoyances with sizes on screen.  I have tried and searched for hours and attempted every applicable resolution, but I haven't found a correct solution.  While I would love to resolve problems with resolution, the BSODs after re-docking are my primary problem.


  • Refer to this gallery for images citing the specific resolution issues (apologies for the compressed/poor quality):  http://imgur.com/a/JP1te
  • BSOD after re-connecting my laptop to either docks (takes about 15-20 minutes and gives multiple error messages)
  • Very inconsistent font sizes and sizes associated with Windows and file explorer
  • Applications, both DPI-aware and non-DPI aware, have scaling issues

Things I have tried/notice:

  • Updated drivers, BIOS, firmware, software, etc.
  • Ran the various Windows commands to check for errors (sfc /scannow, dism, etc.)
  • Swapped wires and re-seated connections
  • Adjusted refresh rate on external monitors to 59 and 60 hz
  • Adjusted resolution on primary monitor to 1920x1080 to match both external monitors (while this is an undesirable solution, it did help some problems and helped address many of the sizing problems, especially with file explorer)
  • Used custom scaling instead of standard resolutions
  • Installed Samsung drivers for monitors
  • Reset the monitors to default settings
  • As an aside, the resolution problems disappear entirely on the external monitors if I set them to mirror the primary monitor.  However, as soon as I extend the display, the resolution problems appear.  I do not want to mirror my monitors, but I don't understand why a mirror would correct the problems.
  • 9 times out of 10, the BSODs will occur after re-connecting my laptop to my external displays.  However, if I reboot my laptop immediately after reconnecting to the monitors, there will not be a BSOD.
  • The BSOD gives three or so different errors, ranging from "Critical Process Died", "Memory Management", Exception Not Handled, etc.


  • Dell XPS 15 9550 Laptop
  • Primary Monitor: 3840x2160 (also 1920x1080)
  • Two Secondary External Monitors: Samsung S27E510 (1920x1080)
  • OS: Windows 10 Version 1607 - I have had the same problems with multiple builds.  I also had the same problems on Version 1511.
  • Dock 1: USB-C hub to allow for a second HDMI external monitor, in addition to the other secondary HDMI external monitor, which is connected directly to the laptop
  • Dock 2: Thunderbolt TB-15 (this was installed a few months after using the USB-C hub, but did not change any of the issues)
  • Video Card/Drivers: Intel HD 530 (Dell Firmware - and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (Driver - - the NVIDIA driver was disabled, which helped improve some of the problems, but not all of them.
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RE: Resolution Issues & BSODs Shortly After Re-Connecting Laptop to External Displays

Additionally, often if my computer goes from Lock Screen -> monitor off following an idle time, the monitor will not "wake up" or render to a usable state.  I have attempted to wait, push buttons, close the lid, re-connect/disconnect monitors, etc.  The only solution is to perform a hard reboot.

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RE: Resolution Issues & BSODs Shortly After Re-Connecting Laptop to External Displays

Hi there, can you Private Message me your Service Tag (please do not post it in the thread)? 

I also had a few questions:

- Does the system get the BSOD's only with the docks attached (so for example if only using one external monitor and no dock)?

- If you use one monitor plugged directly into the computer (with no dock attached), does the resolution/scaling issue still occur? So for example, your built-in display at 4k and the external monitor at 1080p as an extended desktop.

-What made you decide to disable the Nvidia card and was this done just in the device manager or elsewhere? 

-On the Firmware (you mentioned), have you tried updating it on either of the docks? I cannot recall at the moment if there is one available but will be happy to check. 

Sorry for all of the questions, I am just trying to think on what we can try. 

Best regards,


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RE: Resolution Issues & BSODs Shortly After Re-Connecting Laptop to External Displays


I just sent you the requested information.

1) I rarely use only the laptop without a dock, so I don't have a great sample size, but I am confident that if it is not extending to an external display, it will not BSOD.

2) Correct - previously, I had one external monitor directly inserted into the HDMI port on my laptop without using any docks and the problem would persist.  I have not re-tested this in awhile, so I can try to re-check in two days or so.

3) I disabled the NVIDIA card after googling around for similar problems.  I did disable the driver through the device manager.  Doing so did seem to help alleviate the issues for a bit, but I think that was more coincidental, as I've had several BSODs today.

4) I re-installed the Dell Update tool and ran that, which installed updates for the laptop.  I then manually downloaded drivers for the TB Dock (which seems to have many problems upon Googling) and installed those as of a few weeks ago.  I did not install any drivers for the little USB Hub, as I am honestly not sure who the manufacturer is for that dongle.  However, I have it removed entirely right now and I'm still getting BSODs.

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RE: Resolution Issues & BSODs Shortly After Re-Connecting Laptop to External Displays

Thanks for the PM, I will message you.

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