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Restore ENTIRE Hard Drive (including all recovery ,diagnostic, etc. partitions)

Just 2 weeks ago I bought the Inspiron 17R SE (7720) laptop computer. with Windows 8.  I received it in 3 days.

I have now used the computer for only 4 days.  From the outset there were problems:

  • computer crashed during the setup process on first boot
  • McAfee crashes with 3 different errors during Windows use
  • Dell Backup crashes
  • Computer froze and could not be used
  • Bluescreens
  • Internet Explorer is nearly useless and can't download anything - yet works fire with Firefox or Waterforx, etc.
  • And about 8 other things that made the computer essentially unusable.

Then, on the 4th day, the computer froze, bluescreened and then WOULD NOT boot/start again!

Now, during attempting to boot, there is a message that the "Operation System [is] Not Found" ... I never changed the boot order or such, so that is not the problem.

I then used the Windows 8 Repair Disc to boot the computer and found with the partitioning tool, that ALL HARD DRIVE PARTITIONS ARE GONE.  There were/are about 5 or 6 partitions that I recall; diagnostics, OEM, data C, a couple of recovery partitions, and one more (EFI) or something - I don't remember the exact name of the other.  ALL partitions are missing on this one and only disc.  I therefore have a brick ! Not a working computer at all - no OS, no ability to recovery/restore, and so on.

I also did a disk diagnostic with the Western Digital analysis tools and again NO partitions were found, and the disk did not have any bad sectors or other problems to suggest that the disk was bad.

This is a Windows problem that then corrupted my disc.  No viruses, trojans, etc. to cause it I am sure of.

THUS ... here is my deal.

I want to RESTORE my disc to its original factory settings - how I received it.  And, I am talking about, the entire disc contents, including restoring all the missing partitions for diagnostics, etc.  I don't want to recover/restore only the Windows 8 root partition but all the diagnostic and recovery partitiions.  At one point when the computer shut down and then I restarted, I got a pop-up black window after the BIOS that showed a failed boot and it then analyzed the disk for errors/Windows problems, etc.  I want all possible partitions restored, including this/these abilities.  I know some companies' recovery discs only restore your Windows (OS) partition.  However, I need the entire hard drive restored.

So, my question is, HOW can I obtain recovery DVD's that will allow this entire restore of all original partitions? The other issue, is that I AM NOT prepared to return the computer or HDD to Dell for diagnostics, repair as I am now in China and will be here for about a year or more.  I got the computer and then came to China for work.  I am not sending the computer to anyone in China or overseas, or the disc, etc.  Nor do I trust any local shops for such type of work.

I have tried emailing Dell and nobody answers me. Chat never seems to work because of time zone maybe, and I'm not capable of spending $200 or more for a phone call (as it will inevitably cost).

I had my computer 2 weeks and then actually used it only 3 or 4 days before these problem came about.

So, would someone please answer or contact me to tell me how to get the necessary DVD's from Dell and restore my entire DISC with all partitions as was originally given to me!  I need it as it was, not only a repair of the OS partition.  I tried using the Dell Backup Disc order form, but it never works.

Please help ASAP as I need to get the machine working.


LKC (TraumaDoc) - American living in China

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RE: Restore ENTIRE Hard Drive (including all recovery ,diagnostic, etc. partitions)

This is quite sad, I came here hoping you had some luck as I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 and it works, but my Factory Partition is corrupted apparently.  I see it has been over a year and no one replied.  😞 

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RE: Restore ENTIRE Hard Drive (including all recovery ,diagnostic, etc. partitions)

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