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Right arrow key not working

My right arrow key stopped working on my Inspiron 13 7000 2in1 (7359).
I googled for a solution and it seems like a ridiculous amount of people with a Dell laptop have had the same problem, yet I wasn't able to find a working solution.

I did some testing of my own and this is what I found:
- Latest bios update and drivers didn't help
- Diagnostic boot didn't find anything
- External USB keyboard didn't have the same problem
- Problem first appeared in Windows, but persists in Dell boot menu and  when launching Kali Linux from USB
- Here's the kicker though, when I press and hold the left arrow button and then press the right arrow button the right arrow button actually works, which is a nice short term fix, but I prefer to get a proper fix

I downloaded some tutorials from YouTube on how to open my laptop to check the keyboard cable and remove dust, but as I'm not an experienced hardware person I will only be doing this as a last resort.

TL;DR: I have 2 questions:

1) How do i fix this?
2) Why does this happen to so many Dell laptops?



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