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Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

I have a new dell rugged extreme laptop with dedicated sirfstarV gps module. I was told by dell before I purchased that it supported nmea protocol. However it came default with the sirf protocol enabled. Does anyone know how to change to nmea? Is special software needed? If so where do I get it from?

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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

I too have a new rugged extreme 12 and was wondering the same thing.  In fact, I don't even know how to find the sirfstar GPS on the laptop.  I've attempted to connect the GPS though ArcMAP and it cannot locate it.  I called Dell technical support and they were of no assistance.

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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question


Did you manage to resolve the query with the GPS?

I have a new rugged 14 laptop which is supposed to have the GPS installed and I cant find it or any software associated with it!!

Many thanks Neil

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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

Hi Neil-

I did resolve the issue, but I'm still pretty disappointed with the poor integration and lack of any explanation or documentation regarding this feature.

That said, you need to download a program called SiRFDemo:


This will provide you an interface with the GPS.  When I use ArcMap GIS, I have to open this program first, select "Action" and then "Open Data Source", close the program, and then I can have ArcMap communicate with the GPS.  Not sure if you are using this GIS program or not, but if so, the GPS needs to be set at a 38400 Baud Rate using the SerfDEMO software.

Hope this helps and I hope someone from Dell is reading this.


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Pekka R
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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

Dell makes now totally poor integration and drivers with SirfstarV and Windows. Windows not even find that device as GPS in Control Panel. Just one com-port, what never wakes up without SirfDemo or something like that. And still Windows and its programs not regonize device as GPS!

This was our first and last order about Dell Rugged Extreme laptops. We have wait very long time to fix GPS like it should be. I think we send these back to dell, and ask money back.

Dell is going down, and I just wonder why they are downgrade Latitude name and reputation. This make me sad.

t, Pekka

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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

I found a work around for this here: http://usglobalsat.com/forum/index.php?topic=4424.0

In order to switch your device back to NMEA protocol, you must follow these instructions on Windows:
1. Download and install this software: http://www.usglobalsat.com/store/downloads/SiRFDemo387.zip
2. Run the Sirf Demo software.
3. Connect your device, choose the correct COM port, and select the 4800 baud rate.
4. Go to Action > Open Data Source.
5. Next, go to Action > Synchronize Protocol & baud rate.
6. Then, go to Action > Switch to NMEA Protocol.
7. In the pop-up window, select the 4800 baud rate under the Baud Rate and click Send.
8. Close the Sirf Demo software. 
Now, try your GPS Receiver with the GPSInfo Utility (http://www.usglobalsat.com/store/downloads/GPSInfo.zip) OR Putty to see if the problem persists.

Note: Be sure and not to click on anything else in this software, as you can render your device unusable.

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RE: Rugged extreme sirfstarV nmea question

hmm dont work so good.

I have an Rugged Extreme 12 for demo purpose here.

Ublox GPS Software show me 1sec Signal 4 Sec Pause, 1sec Signal, 4Sec Pause,....

so what is wrong? baut?


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