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SSD Replacement - Mirroring possible?

Support Assist detected a problem with my 512G SSD. A replacement has been received. Is there a way to mirror the new SSD from the old one so I do not have to manually re-install the OS and other software I use?


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RE: SSD Replacement - Mirroring possible?

It depends on the condition of the SSD now (if Windows won't load, there's little hope of imaging it).  If the problem is bad blocks on the SSD, cloning may fail.

It also depends on the system type and the other hardware you have available.  If both are 2.5" SATA SSDs, you'll need a way to connect both drives to the system.  If they're M.2 drives (cards) and the system supports only one drive, you'll need an external M.2 to USB adapter -- or to make an image to an external hard drive first, and then restore it to the new drive.

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