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SSD support

I have a Dell Inspiron 3558 1TB HDD 

Lately maybe due 80 % usage of HDD, my laptop is

my laptop is soooooooo slow that it takes almost 2 minutes to boot

I am thinking of extending my storage by adding an SSD

BUT I even don't want to lose my data

I have browsed and I can only replace the HDD with SSD(My financial status is not so good to buy a 1 TB SSD)

suggest me a way that I can have my previous HDD and a new SSD(where I will install my os)

My friend was suggesting something about SSHD(solid-state hybrid drive) by Seagate

please comment 

Thank you for your attention

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RE: SSD support

You cannot add an SSD or an SSHD hybrid - you must replace the hard drive.  If you wish to retain the existing drive, you'll need to mount it in a USB external case -- and use it externally.

While a hybrid drive may be somewhat faster than a conventional hard drive, it won't come anywhere near the performance of a native solid state drive.

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