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Screen failure

A screen fault has developed on my M65 computer for no apparent reason. I have lost half the screen to many verticle lines. The area concerned does appear to vary, showing me that it is a software fault, not a hardware one!

It started off with three or four 1pixel wide verticle lines appearing, of various colours, in random positions on the screen. Over a number of days these spread to become 15 or 16 lines. I could still see all my screen/desktop icons etc, so could work. Then on start-up I suddenly was faced with half the total screen lost to lines/blocks, so could no longer see the left half of my screen?

When the computer is very cold the fault reduces to a couple of bands only and I can see 70 - 80% of the screen as normal, but this soon dosappears again as the machine warms up.

I have been informed that the fault is a known one - something to do with NVidia graphic boards? I have one on this M65.

I understand that warranties were extended to allow for the free repair of this fault, but as my computer is around 4-years old now i presume that I do not qualify?

Can anyone advise on what action I can take to rectify the matter, and what the cost may be?

The computer is still a powerful machine and I desperately need to use it to work with. At present I have it linked into an external screen, but its not great.

Thank you for any assistance.

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Re: Screen failure

If the external monitor shows a good image, reseat both ends of the cable that runs between the display and mainboard.  Check it for damage and replace it if it's damaged.  If that does nothing, replace the display panel (the cost will be about $100 for a screen, plus about that in labor if you don't replace it yourself).

If the external monitor also shows a faulty image, it's the video card that's bad.

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