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Screws XPS15 9560

Hello, I was wondering where I could buy the silver torx screws for the back of the XPS15 9560.


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RE: Screws XPS15 9560


Below are the screws for the xps 9560 system. To order them you can call Dell Spare Parts at 1-877-717-3355. The fisrt part of the number below is the part number.

4270ESCR,M2X3,KSH,MS,BLO Screw Screw Screw, Phillips Drive#1 K Screw Head, M2X3, Machine Screw, Low Carbon Steel/Black Chromate
V2614 SCR,M2X3,SLR,T5,BLO Screw Screw Screw, Torx T5 Drive, M2X3, Black Oxide
8PF84 SCR,M1.6X1.5L,K,B-NI,#0,NY Screw Screw Screw, M1.6X1.5L, Black Nickel, (Nylok)
63PDH SCR,M2.5X5,PHH,TF,BCS Screw Screw Screw, Phillips Head, M2.5X5, Thread Formed
7FWMT SCR,M2X8.55,BERLINETTA P Screw Screw Screw, M2x8.55, (Base Cover to Palmrest, under badge)
GVWYY SCR,M2X2,FLH,MSCR,BLO,#0,PHLP Screw Screw Screw, Phillips Drive Flat Head, M2X2, Machine Screw, Black Oxide
98MKC SCR,M2X4,KSH,MS,BLO,NYLOK Screw Screw Screw, Phillips Drive K Screw Head, M2X4, Machine Screw, Black Oxide, (Nylok)

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