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Seagate ST500LM000/ST1000LM014 Firmware Update for 7746

I downloaded the above update for my Inspiron 7746 and i've no idea what it's done.

It rebooted my laptop and took me to a rEFind screen which then froze and did nothing. I managed to get back onto windows by powering off my laptop and quickly navigating to another boot option.

I downloaded it as i ensure my laptop is always up to date with the latest firmware and drivers.

What does it do? Should i be concerned it froze when i first did the update?

I get a bit paranoid if i dont know what an update has done.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Seagate ST500LM000/ST1000LM014 Firmware Update for 7746

Hi, same problem !

Dell support (France) answer : we recomand not to do the updates if your computer is fine !! That's all !!

Looking détail docs for this update, it is indicated that, if firmware flash is not done, we have to try with legacy boot mode (without complementary explanation).

I have not done without Dell support avalable because if there is a bug during disc firmware update, the disc will be out of order (and computer too...). This update seems important : 1. Fix for security erase bug
2. Improve the NAND error handling.

So a clear answer from Dell about how to proceed will be wellcome !

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