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Serious issue with brand new XPS 15

Dell, please can you tell me what is wrong with this computer?

Today the technician came out to replace the motherboard in my Dell XPS 15 which had crashed irrecoverably during a BIOS update which was sent by your customer service team and installed on their recommendation.

After the crash, the computer would no longer turn on and it was concluded that it needed a new motherboard. I now have a "working" laptop which has the same issue as before, only this time it now runs much hotter so the cooling fan is always on which kills one of the nicest things about this laptop which is that it is silent and therefore beautiful to work on. Not good for a €1700 laptop which when it works is amazing.

Please see this video as explanation of the fault and help me deal with it:

I am based in France, so unfortunately have to deal with your customer service in French, and had to buy a French keyboard as well which is silly seeing as it came from a factory in Belgium where I am sure you could have got me a Swiss one. 

I bought a new Dell based on a faultless 4 years with my last one, this one however has been an utter disappointment so far.