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Service tag not recogonised.

I have a Dell Studio XPS 16 I purchased back in 2009.

I recently decided to re-install the system from scratch, prior to do this I thought I would download all the latest drivers from the dell support site for my specific system, thats where the problem has arisen.

My service tag is not recognised despite is showing under my expired warranties and it previously having been recognised when I went through Dell's Vista to Win 7 upgrade program (which required contact Dell as it wasn't recognised then either but they fixed that)

I have been in touch with the Dell via email requesting they fix this issue again so that the system shows up correctly under my account (I could give them the orginal order number/customer number and even the original incident ticket) their response  is shown below

Dear Alastair,
This is in regards to below Order wherein the we are unable to access the account and this Order was purchased in the year of 2009 so couldnt track the details
Kind Regards
They have then advised me to contact Dell technical support which seems rather silly as this is NOT a technical query. 
Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you get it resolved, it seems mad that the details are present on warranty page but they are missing from my support page.
Finding my self very disappointed with Dell's repsonse from the "Customer Care Rep"
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RE: Service tag not recogonised.

You actually don't need the service tag to access the drivers.  All you need to know  is whether it's a 1645 or a 1647:


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