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Set up & Configuring a Dell Inspiron 600m

I brought my Inspiron 600m back to life and did a fresh install of Windows XP SP2. After that I began installing drivers for it from Dell.com at the following link.


Now there wasn't any  drivers that other recommended like chipset/system drivers available when searching by service tag. However if you search by model (600m) a lot more come up. Im not sure if I should download any of them.

My problem is it cannot connect to the internet and the ethernet port is dead. I have no error messages. I tried LAN  connections using an ethernet cable to another machine and it does not take.

I am running Intel PROSet/Wireless and it does see nearby networks but cannot connect. It says configuration failed. I have read all the usual documents for troubleshooting but no solution yet. I have heard there where some flaws with this model and some of the equipment. 

Anyone have any ideas?

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RE: Set up & Configuring a Dell Inspiron 600m

Install Service Pack 3 -- it is required for most wireless connections using XP.  That said, you really should not be using XP at all on the Internet - it's been almost a year since it went end of life, so it's a totally insecure OS at this point, and you're a sitting duck using it online.

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RE: Set up & Configuring a Dell Inspiron 600m

Ahh, I see thank you. Im not sure if this computer is capable of running Windows 7 which I also have copies of. This 600m is just an additional computer I have two main desktops and two main laptops.

The rest of these cheap out dated computers im using to create tools for other things, such as using them as automotive diagnosis tools. Some of the programs won't run on anything but XP. So thats why its been the choice. I'm not that worried about the security. I will probably leave the internet disabled most of the time once I get it going. 

Anyway thanks again for the reply. Let me give it a whirl and report back if any progress is made.

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RE: Set up & Configuring a Dell Inspiron 600m

Use the WSUS Offline Update to patch XP up until April 2014:


Then install the Dell system drivers in the correct order:


I do not advise connecting it to the internet at all.

If you need XP for specialist applications I recommend using VMware player and setting up a Virtual Machine:



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