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Setup of AHCI on Inspiron 1420

Inspiron 1420 – Downgraded to XP Pro. During XP installation tries to install the AHCI from a USB floppy; initially got the information but when proceed to install the OS, when it asks again for the driver at the drive a: it does not pass. Then I have to install the OS without the AHCI disabling at BIOS. After everything is already done, I would like to setup the AHCI, and the instructions after downloading the Intel Matrix Storage Manager does not work (displays and error : System not prepared).

Does anyone know how to setup this after the OS has been completely installed?

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Re: Setup of AHCI on Inspiron 1420


Haven't tried this myself, I don't use XP, but found this blog in my search to load Intel Matrix Storage Manager after OS installation. It's basically the same thing I did in Vista and it worked. This guy said he did it in XP. 

Below is the thread.



Check Here



by Daddy Rabbit   » Sat Jun 23, 2007 5:37 am

I did this in XP (installed Vista from scratch in RAID mode so no worrys there) 

I didn't mess with the MS driver however, and it's simpler than it looks (note the standard "it worked for me but YMMV so do at your own risk and have a backup" disclaimer applies  :) ) 

All I did was, with the BIOS set in IDE mode in device manager go the "update driver" route, select "Have Disk" select the appropriate AHCI driver from the BX2 floppy and immediately reboot, go immediately into BIOS set the controller to AHCI reboot again and voila! 

I did not try to select the RAID driver and when I tried to update to the RAID driver from the AHCI driver that I updated to in the above steps I could not get it to work so I think it's a "one shot" deal.


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I seem to remember something about this not working from a USB floppy. Look into that angle if this doesen't work. Sorry can't find where this was mentioned.

Good luck,

Hope this helps. 




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