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Several Problems With New Dell Inspiron 7567 - Very Bad Quality Assurance (Disappointed) - Are these normal?


I have bought a i5 variant of Inspiron 7567 recently (in Turkey -  1 weeks ago). But I have some problems with it. I thought Dell branded tech products would be superior to some random Chinese garbages.

First of all, look at this nonsense:

After 6 days of usage, I wanted to look inside of this laptop. And when I opened the bottom cover I saw this [Admin note,edited per TOU policy].

The wifi card is not screwed at all. These kind of things generally happen with very low quality laptops without brands. Even QA of Chinese laptops are better. And I am not joking.

Here is what I have found on the internet: (This is a picture of a review unit from gotten from Notebookcheck)

Yeah wifi works without "that screw" but this could lead to shorting issues. I would definitely do not want to use a laptop like this so that I inserted SSD screw to there temporarily.


Second problem:

Look at this image:

I have only recharged it 3 times (3 cycles) and battery health is 91% now. And when I first opened it, it was 4.9%. Is this for real? Brand new laptop with a battery which has 95.1% health out of box.

Why my laptop has inferior quality SMP (Simplo) battery instead of superior Samsung battery like others. Why the capacity is now 67000~ mWh instead of advertised 74000 mWh?


Third problem:

Sometimes I get artifacts when I use a benchmark software like Furmark with integrated graphics. It happens occasionally therefore I do not have a screenshot. For me, it is not a big deal since it happens really rare but it should not happen anyway.


Fourth problem:

When I play a game which is highly dependent on external GPU, like GTA 5. Or when I utilize a benchmark utility, sometimes the notebook produces high pitched hissing / sizzling sound. It comes from left side and I think it is a grounding issue. Because when I put my hand over keyboard or click a key which is located near left side like A, S, D, Z, Caps Lock, ... the sound goes silent (Or sometimes it is reverse. Like when I release my hand, sizzling is gone). The sound goes silent if I compress the chassis as well. I think this means it is not coil whine.

My apartment is made in 2005 and there is no grounding issue. So there is definitely something wrong with electrical system of this product.

There are also some minor problems like misaligned left heatsink (distorted metal at the back of the chassis). And misaligned installation of screen because when I grab center and upper of the screen and close it gently, left side touches to chassis first. I think normally, left and right sides of screen should touch the chassis at the same time and equally. These minor issues are something that you can only notice if you pay extra attention. So they do not bother me but I still wanted to tell about them.

I think there is something wrong with this product. I am disappointed with Dell quality. I am thinking maybe Dell ships deformed/bad products to Turkey and sells golden ones in USA.

Only 1 week have been passed since I started to use it. If there is something wrong with this computer, I do not want to send it to warranty service and let some other guys repair it and use a repaired computer.

I bought a new product and this is not something I was wished for. I do not want to use repaired computer after only 1 week have been passed. So if there is something wrong, I want a replacement. I do not want a refund because I still trust Dell and I still think 7567 is a good computer. I hope Dell will help me on this situation considering my trust.

I can give Computer ID or whatever you want as long as it helps. I have also contacted my seller and local official service. But I do not know what to do and I do not trust services in Turkey (that's why I am seeking help here. Dell USA have always been the best and better compared to Dell TR.) because they generally do not agree on replacement, but instead they even repair 1 day old products and dictates the user to use it.

There are some other ways to get a replacement or refund like reporting this to related department of government and seek legal ways but it is an hassle and as I have said, I trust Dell. At least Dell USA...


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RE: Several Problems With New Dell Inspiron 7567 - Very Bad Quality Assurance (Disappointed) - Are these normal?

I will have to check some of my components on the i7 version, but I would check to see if any spare parts are floating around in the system.  If someone would have removed the Wireless card and dropped the screw they may have left the screw in and not been able to replace the hold down.  

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RE: Several Problems With New Dell Inspiron 7567 - Very Bad Quality Assurance (Disappointed) - Are these normal?

I do not see any spare part floating around. And I do not care because this is a brand new computer and this should not have happened. Am I part of the QC process? What do you mean by checking any spare part floating around in the system.

If you refer any other guy who is not related to Dell by saying "someone", I do not think that's possible because I have checked if I was the one who opened it first. There were no fingerprints,  no marks. Freedos (ubuntu) was unloaded and SMART values of hdd showed that there were no one who used it before.

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