Shipping Laptop from th US to India

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I want to buy a Dell laptop. When I compare the prices between India and the US, I found that it is more affordable to ship it from the US.

Is it  possible to ship the laptop from the US, if so what will be the Shipping charges?Will it be delivered safely?

Any valueable inputs deeply appreciated.

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Re: Shipping Laptop from th US to India

Unless you know someone in the US who can order for you and ship, no - Dell won't ship internationally.

Even then, remember that the warranty applies to the country of purchase - you'll have to transfer ownership and warranty when you receive the system.


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RE: Shipping Laptop from th US to India

Did you get laptop from US? Is shipping is possible from US to india?

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RE: Shipping Laptop from th US to India


In addition to points made by ejn63, in the US, most consumer systems are shipped / sold with base warranty - which is mail in service. And this base warranty is only applicable to the country of purchase and the ownership for these warranties cannot be transferred to another country. Also, a replacement / refund process is also applicable only to the country of purchase. This will not hold good for the country the ownership was transferred to, unless you have international warranty, which also, has its own terms and conditions. The difference in price you might find is due to the consumer laws for that country. Simply put, the laws are different for each country.

Helpful links - http://dell.to/1ovvZc2 | http://dell.to/28ZtISo 

While you might feel it is less expensive to get the system from US and use it in India, it comes with its own set of rules and regulations and policy constraints. 

Let us know if you have any other queries.

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