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Software for External Mike Fails to Launch

I just got a brand new Dell Laptop and installed a software for recording with an external microphone with ots latest driver . I connected the hardware and microphone to the laptop as instructed. Everything on that side is done according to installation procedure.

When I double click the software shortcut it fails to launch. I try to launch it as an administrator, it does not work. I double click the main "***.exe" file in the Programs folder, but nothing happens. I rebooted the puter and tried it a few times, nothing works.

The software is up to date and the puter is brand new. What could be wrong?


I have a feeling that "MAXX Audio 4 Sound Manager" that is pre-installed on the laptop may be preventing that software from launching. Could this be the problem? If so, how can I bypass it and get the darn software to launch?

Is it possible to temporarily disable "MAXX Audio 4 Sound Manager"?




Dell Laptop Inspiron 3521  OS:Win 8 ~ 64 bit

Ram: 6 GB  CPU: Intel Core i3-3227U @ 1.9 GHz


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RE: Software for External Mike Fails to Launch

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