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[Solved] Dell XPS 13 cannot see 2.4GHz WLAN connection but can see 5.0GHz connection


I have a TP-Link WDR 3600 Wireless Dual Gigabite Router (also known as the N600).  I recently changed the settings on the router so that it was broadcasting 2 networks, one at 2.4 GHz and one at 5.0 GHz. They have different SSIDs so that I can tell them apart. Everything seemed to be fine, and I could detect both networks on my laptop (this was perhaps 3-4 days ago).

Today, I was doing work in a part of the house which is furthest from the router and the connection became very weak. Since I was connected to the 5.0GHz network, I thought it's probably because the 5.0GHz band doesn't have as wide of a range, so I tried to switch to the 2.4GHz network only it doesn't show up on the list of available networks.

The strange thing is my phone and ipad can see both networks just fine and my laptop could too, originally. Now, it's just my laptop that can't seem to see it. I tried googling about it, but everyone else seems to have the opposite problem than mine (ie, their laptop can see the 2.4 GHz network but not the 5.0 one).

I've tried

  • moving my laptop closer to the router but it still doesn't see the 2.4 GHz network
  • disconnecting and then "forgetting" the 5.0 GHz network
  • rebooting the router and my laptop
  • disabling and enabling the driver for the network adapter ; all, no dice.

Since I'll probably have to do more work in the room that's farthest from the router, I really need to be able to connect to the 2.4 GHz network (I want my laptop to be connected to both of them so I can use the 5.0 GHz one when I'm closer to the router).

Can anyone help me?

Potentially Relevant info:

- Windows 10

- Network Adapter is listed in Device Manager as "Broadcom 802.11ac".

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RE: Dell XPS 13 cannot see 2.3GHz WLAN connection but can see 5.0GHz connection

Update: Not sure if this is helpful/relevant but I downloaded inSSIDer and the weird thing is that my laptop seems to be picking up OTHER 2.4GHz networks from my neighborhood just fine. It seems to be just my home network which it can't pick up???

Does this have anything to do with being connected to a 5.0 GHz network from that router? And if so, why can all the other devices that can pick up both bands (eg. my phone/ipad) see both connections while my laptop can't?

Please help me! The connection in the room I use for work is really bad and it's currently not feasible to do my work in another room in the house that's closer to the router.

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RE: [Solved] Dell XPS 13 cannot see 2.4GHz WLAN connection but can see 5.0GHz connection

Update: So for the sake of anyone else who might have a similar problem, it turns out the issue was that I'd picked Channel 13 for the 2.4GHz network since it has the least interference in my neighborhood.

For some strange reason, my laptop couldn't pick up that channel. So I switched the setting back to Auto for the channels and the 2.4 GHz network suddenly showed up on my laptop's list of available networks! Smiley Very Happy Not sure why this is an issue and if anyone has any suggestions of a workaround, I'd appreciate it still, but for now at least I can get internet in my work room.