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Solved Unknown Device Dell E6410

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a Dell E6410.

I did not have the original CDs nor the Drivers.

Lots of problems with drivers.

Dell Support Diagnostics could not solve all and I needed to do a lot of manual driver Updates and installations.

There was one “Unknown Device” seen in Device Manager.

I just could not identify what it was and even “Unknown Device Identifier” could not find it.

I came across a collection of Drivers in a “Pack” called “E6410-win7-ALL-D2H6P.CAB”.

Google or,

Dell TechCenter:


I downloaded it and unpacked it to its own Folder.

I then went into Device Manager and pointed “Update Driver” to the Folder.

It found a Driver and it turns out that the Device was “ST Micro Accelerometer”.

It can now be found in “System Devices”.

Dell Diagnostics could not find it and did not have the Drivers for it for Download.

I think that all 6410 owners should have this collection of Drivers.

Hope this helps someone.