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Sound not Working


i have a dell inspirion 1525 laptop and a Creative inspire P5800 5.1 surround sound system,

the surround sound system was origanally set up for use with my home pc i have recently moved the system down to my bedroom 

when the surround sound system was set up in the attic upstairs i would simply unplug the wires from the back of the pc and plug them into my microphone jacks on my laptop   it only has 2 jacks which means i would only have limited speaker use.  i need to get a 2-1 jack plugin so i will be able to run all 3 jacks at once,


however now i have moved the surround sound from upstairs to downstairs the setup is exactly the same but now when i plugin the jacks into my laptop there is very little or no sound atall and a very loud static noise,   so basically im just trying to figure out why do the speakers no longer work when all i have done is changed the location 


so any suggestions on how to get some sound out of the speakers?

would be grateful if you could help me out im only 15 and dont know much about this stuff  

thanks guys!

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Re: Sound not Working

Since you have a Laptop, it would be best to repost in the Laptop section of the forum.  This section is for Desktops.

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