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Streaming video stutters then audio lags.

This computer is brand new Inspiron 15. When I stream video, after a while, it stutters then the sound starts lagging. Sometimes video turns green. When I pause it, the sound continues for a sec. If I re buffer (move the cursor on the video a bit) it re syncs but not for long. Other times the player simply shuts down in the middle of the session. I have blocked third parties applications from start-up. I have clear my cache (this once worked for a while then it began again), reset cookies, reset my browsers and at one point I even turned off the Superfetch. I also downloaded all the updates and reinstalled GEForce Nvidia driver.  I ran the diagnostics tool and all systems check which leads me to believe the problem is with Windows 10.

The problem occurs sometimes in YouTube but it is more noticeable when I stream from Vodlocker.com. When I stream from Filehoot.com the player fails after a few minutes..  Please help


I found under 'other devices' two Unknown devices

Device ROOT\SYSTEM\0002 was migrated.

Device ROOT\SYSTEM\0001 was migrated.

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