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Stuck and Dead Pixels

I have brought a Vostro 3568 Laptop from flipKart last week, but i find out the below defects in the product:

1 .It has Stuck and Dead Pixels on the screen.

2. The keypad is printing different keys than what pressed.

3. Mouse right click sometimes work and sometimes not also the scrolling is having issues.

I have already made a replacement request. But I want to know from dell side , whether i will get a replace product for so much defects or not.

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RE: Stuck and Dead Pixels

Your return policy is determined by the seller - contact them for details.

From Dell you can return a system for replacement within 30 days (US policy;  may or may not apply in India) -- but sales through vendors like yours have a policy determined by the vendor.

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RE: Stuck and Dead Pixels

Thank your message.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

If the system is just a week old, we would recommend you to get in touch with the retailer for an exchange as this will be the fastest option.

Replacement options from Dell may take up to 30-40 days.  You may be given the option for an LCD replacement.

For better assistance, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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