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Studio 1450 HD+/900p

I just want to rant quickly here and see if any Dell forum rep would respond. BTW, I'm typing from my Inspiron e1505. Considering a new laptop, but Dell may have already lost my business.

Here's a snippet of one of about 4 chats I've had regarding the Studio 14 (not 14z). I don't know if the page linked below will be updated now, but as of the time of this post, the Tech Specs show that the Studio 14 (1450 series) has a 900p display option.

 8:23:11 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
I was just asking questions to another person. I'm looking at this page on the US website: http://www.dell.com/us/en/home/notebooks/laptop-studio-1450/pd.aspx?refid=laptop-studio-1450&cs=19&s...
 8:24:02 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
It shows the option of an HD+ (1600x900) screen, but this hasn't been available for configuration anytime recently. I know it's an available option in Asia Pacific. It's the one thing that's keeping me from considering buying one.
 8:24:08 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
Is it actually available?
 8:24:39 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
Dell US has seemingly even taken the Studio 14 off the main laptop pages (and search) and just left the 14z.
 8:24:57 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
If I could order a 14 with the HD+ screen, that would be great.
 8:25:05 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
Ok, i will be glad to help you with that
 8:25:08 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
 8:25:25 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
Please allow me one moment to check on that for you.
 8:25:47 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
 8:28:36 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
Unfortunately, the 720p is the max we have it on the US site. But, with the studio 15 models you can upgrade the screen to 900p or even 1080p i you like
 8:29:01 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
the 700p is HD but not full 1080p
 8:29:02 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
does that answer your question?
 8:30:21 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
Yes, but it wasn't the answer I wanted. Any idea why the 14 isn't offered with 900p? The 14z is, and another tech told me that's the same screen they put on the 14 in Asia. Also, it seems you can't order a Dell from another country and have it shipped. That true?
 8:30:35 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
Also, that page I linked to needs revising if it's wrong
 8:30:55 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
Better yet, honor the specs and build me one with the 900p screen! 😉
 8:34:17 AM     Agent   RR_XPS_Mohammed 
Unfortunately, I will not be able to assist with product offerings or prices in markets outside of the US since they do vary from the US options
 8:36:38 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
I'm asking why. Anyway, that page is misleading, and it is a US market page. I've chatted with someone about 3 times now, and it really seems like Dell doesn't want business. Agents keep telling me to look at a different model that I don't want. You'd think if they can build it for Singapore then they can also build it for the US, and your facilities have the screens on-hand (for the 14z).
 8:36:56 AM     Customer   Josh Schneider 
I guess that's all for this chat. Thanks for your help.

The best part is that he ended the chat with "Thanks for choosing Dell!

But I didn't choose Dell, and it's starting to seem obvious why. In this case, the feature I'd like is not only offered overseas, but also on the dumbed-down US model (the 14z), and other agents have confirmed the screens (or at least the panels) could be swapped one-for-one. At least it would be nice to get an explanation of why I can't order this feature, or any hint of whether it will be available down the line (and a time frame). I have been looking at a Sony as well as the new Latitude e6410, but given the consistently dismissive and uninformative experiences I've had with Dell sales reps, why would I buy another Dell at all?

OK, end of ridiculous rant.

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Re: Studio 1450 HD+/900p, horrible customer service

The link you gave lists only x720 screens for the Studio 14s. As in any business, the manufacturer sets up their product line to offer what MOST people would want. Myself, I would never buy a laptop without a x1080 because I like good resolution. Someone decides the possible custom replacements, and the company orders parts for these options. They could not possibly offer every possible option with all laptops. 

Remember when you could order any cay with just about any option mix you wanted. Costs mucho bucks to do this, so now you either get the basic model (still with lots of goodies) or one or two additional option bundles. Adding a single item is difficult or impossible.

I would got with the Studio 15 with the x1080 screen. This will give excellent graphics and video. Perfect for Blu-Ray.

Dell is not being unreasonable in this case. They can not build you a special machine.

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Re: Studio 1450 HD+/900p, horrible customer service

Click again on that link, then click on Tech Specs (can't direct link to it). 900p is listed as an option. It IS an option on the 14z. It is ALSO an option throughout the Asia/Pacific region on the 14 (aka 1450 series, like the 1458). A rep already told me that the screens in the 14z and 14 are interchangeable. Maybe he was wrong, but he swore by that. If that's the case, it isn't a special deal to build the 14 with a 900p screen. There are no parts to order - they have them on hand. I've swapped screens on laptops in about 5 minutes. In fact, I think some people did get early Studio 14s with 900p screens and even pretty recently in Canada. The whole thing just mystifies me. And the fact is, Dell really doesn't know what most people would want. What differentiates Dell and a few other manufacturers now (Sony and Lenovo, mostly) is that they actually over high-res screens for many models, whereas everyone else has thrown them out the window entirely (used to have an Asus, but now more and more of them are using low-res).

If I wanted a 15" laptop, I'd have more choices, yes, but that's what I have now, and I'd like something smaller, but don't want to sacrifice too much resolution. And if I wanted to do away with an optical drive, I'd get the 14z, but I don't. I suppose I could buy a 14 and a replacement 14z screen and make my own Franken-Studio, but boy would that be an expensive solution. Oh, well.

Anyway, I'd love to hear Dell input on the forum, because the people writing in here seem to be the same kind of people who used to actually do CS for Dell - in other words, they listened to questions and gave reasonable answers.

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Re: Studio 1450 HD+/900p, horrible customer service

Well, I just wasted a lot of time with an admittedly nice and helpful phone sales agent. Bottom line is that the Studio 14 is being phased out and they don't even have any spare 14" 900p screens around. All indications are that they could still make a 1450/58 with a 900p screen from a CTO 1450 and a 14z panel, but it's not happening now. In case anyone else cares...

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Re: Studio 1450 HD+/900p, horrible customer service

Still for sale and now I notice the 900p screen is advertised in more than one place on dell.com (US), but they won't sell it or correct their pages. Does anyone at Dell pay attention to sales and advertising?

Vivid display – View your favorite media with a true Hi-def, 14" widescreen display. This home theater–like display with a 1600x900 resolution has an energy-efficient LED and a mercury-free backlight.

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Re: Studio 1450 HD+/900p, horrible customer service

I'm building a system for my office use and I'd love to get this laptop in the 900p resolution as well.  It boiled down to this and the latitude E6410. both are 14" but the E6410 doesn't offer the quad core i-7.  sure, the studio 15 and/or the latitude E6510 both have the 900p or 1080p available but like you, i want the 14" for portability as well.

anyway, I just had a chat w/ a dell sales guy yesterday and he told me that it could just be not available at the moment and check back next Thursday (5/20) so I'll do that.  also checking w/ our University Dell rep and see if she knows anything about this.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

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