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Studio 1458 BIOS A07 upgrade - MLK.ROM file not found, where to replace?

I want to upgrade my BIOS from A06 to A07 but this missing file is bugging me. I was wondering where I can find it or download it. The window that comes up is from Phoenix Winphlash64 and the input file is C:\Users\(__name__)\AppData\Local\Temp\MLK.ROM to run the the flash BIOS. The "solution" is a valid filename must be specified to continue. Is there a way to go around this? Any help or direction is much appreciated.

Also my fan is constantly on even when I'm surfing the net, and it sounds really loud right before I put my laptop on hibernate. Is this "normal"? Should I get my fan/heatsink/motherboard replaced?? I had this laptop for only a year.

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