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Studio 1537 Dell Media Direct Blu Ray Problems

I recently tried to watch a Blu Ray film again after a long while. However, each time it would only play for a couple of minutes (time span varies, but usually no longer than 5-10 mins), then suddenly the program freezes and the computer becomes almost impossible to operate (even using the task manager to forcefully shut down Media Direct takes ages...).

I've installed the latest firmware for the "Optiarc DVDRWBD BC-5600S ATA Device" from the Dell websites, but that did not have any effect whatsoever.

I remember last time when I tried to watch a Blu Ray on my laptop everything was perfectly fine. Since then I did reinstall Windows, but I have done so before without being unable to normally watch Blu Rays afterwards. It's only this time that it doesn't seem to work.

I only have two discs to check, but at the moment none of them runs longer than a couple of minutes (I am pretty sure though, that it's not because of the discs themselves).

Could anyone provide a possible solution? Maybe conflict with other hardware? Thank you in advance.

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